At Home with Mia Frilander

At Home with Mia Frilander

At Home with Mia Frilander

Mia Frilander is a fashion journalist, stylist and model who has two goals in her life: to find inner peace and to be less materialistic. 

Her work covers clothing, responsible consumption and inspiring people others.

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What does sustainability mean to you?

Resisting the current consumer culture and trying to buy as little new things as possible. This is very hard, since I love beautiful clothes and open Instagram daily, so I’m bombarded with stuff to buy every day. I try to remind myself that I really don’t need anything and that most of the things I desire now won’t feel important in say a year. We live in a system that depends on us to constantly consume and thats why it’s so hard to resist. To realise this helps me to try and act differently. 

How do you spend time with your loved ones?

I like to eat with friends and family. Food and wine makes me happy. 

What is your everyday uniform?

I like black clothes, they make me feel peaceful. A black knit or t-shirt and a pair of black loose pants is an outfit I have felt comfortable in for the last ten years. The I add jewellery, it makes this basic outfit feel more interesting to me. I collect chunky silver rings from antique shops and I almost always wear a antique golden bracelet my boyfriend gave me when I turned 30. Antique fairs, shops and auctions are great places to find jewellery!

First thing on the mind when you wake and last thing before you go to sleep? 

Always too many thoughts, hahaa! I’m an over thinker and I worry too much, so I usually wake up and think about what I have to do that day and go asleep thinking about my to do list. This is why I meditate, to calm myself and remind me that life isn’t as hard as I sometimes tend to think it is. That it’s actually amazing and so fun to be alive! Sometimes if I can’t sleep I think about my clothes and come up with new outfits. That relaxes me.

What are your skincare rituals?

I used to work as a beauty editor for a magazine and I’m a bit obsessed with skincare. I use mostly natural skincare and I love especially Dr.Hauschka, Weleda and Tata Harper. I’m really into gua sha at the moment, so I massage my face with this jade tool for a couple minutes morning and evening. It’s very firming. I have dry skin so I don’t wash my face in the morning - just spray it with rose water - and then I use an oil cleanser in the evening. This has helped a lot. I also swear by a Korean organic brand called Whamisa and their essence, Whamisa Deep Rich Toner. It has fermented fruit in it and its so hydrating and smoothing. I layer it 3-5 times after cleansing every morning and evening, the apply a serum and seal it in with moisturiser. 

When is your zen time? 

When I do astanga yoga, when I read in bed at night and when I wake up early at our summer house and go for a skinny dip in the sea.

Your favourite pastime?

Reading. I love to read especially fiction and I’m currently reading Gabriel García Márquez’s Love in the time of cholera. It’s a very funny book.

Who inspires you?

People who find the courage and inner strength to step away from our hectic 9-to-5 world where you’re constantly supposed to be available and where posting on social media is proof you exist. Those who stay away for a while, think and come up with something original that change the way we see the world. These people to me are usually writers and movie directors, since I’m often moved by books and movies, and the best ones always remind me of how mysterious and fantastic life is. They make me pause my daily grind and really appreciate life.

How are you dealing with the current lockdown? 

I’m on maternity leave so I would probably be spending a lot of time at home even without the pandemic. I don’t really know how I’m dealing with this, on one hand its amazing to hang out with my beloved baby girl who is soon 1 year old and very amusing, and on the other hand I’m starting to become bored out of my mind. I deal by listening to ebooks, see friends on walks, make plans for the future, dream about summer in the countryside, nothing special really.