• Machine wash in cold or warm water with environmentally friendly laundry detergent
  • Line or tumble dry on low heat. Be aware that drying with high heat can cause more than 4% shrinkage, take extra caution with how you dry organic cotton
  • Conventional cotton is generally made with chemicals to reduce the shrinkage effects of heat, organic cotton is not treated the same way so in high heat it is possible for the cotton to shrink more than 10%
  • Hang to dry recommended
  • If using a dryer, use Air cycle, no heat
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach


We don’t encourage dry cleaning due to the harm chemicals cause to people and the air. Here are some tips to care for your silk from home. It requires more time but it will ensure the quality is maintained for:

  • Wash light and dark colours separately to prevent any bleeding that may occur
  • Hand wash with lukewarm water and mild non-alkaline soap. Rinsing can take a bit of time, but adding a few tablespoons of white vinegar to the water is advisable as it neutralizes alkali traces
  • Make sure you don’t soak it for more than a few minutes and do not wring it out afterwards, instead roll it into a towel to remove excess water
  • Silk is a protein fibre so detergent must be pH neutral, alkaline components more or less will destroy the silk.  The shine disappears and the silk becomes hard and brittle.


  • Hang out of direct sunlight preferably in a shaded area with airflow
  • Delicate fabric like silk can be severely damaged if the fibre is in direct sunlight and can turn yellow
  • Drying on a wooden drying rack is not recommended as it can leave stains
  • Recommended that you do not use a clothes dryer as the excessive heat can shrink the fabric


  • When ironing on low heat or ‘silk setting’ make sure the garment is damp and on the reverse side. If any wrinkles remain, hang it out overnight
  • The best trick to getting rid of persistent or stubborn wrinkles is to hang the garment in your bathroom during a shower as the humidity should remove them